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6 benefits of spending time alone

  1. To reduce anxiety and be more productive. If we are overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives and the to do list seems never ending, we feel a constant need to be on the go. If we never take time out for ourselves, anxiety builds which in turn makes us less productive. To take some time to ourselves away from external pressures allows us to clear our minds and revitalise body and mind.

  2. To get your priorities straight. By doing the things we enjoy we are able to see what makes us happy (and what doesn’t). Having the breathing space to process this and to experience something that gives us pleasure helps us get perspective on what our priorities are (or could be).

  3. To become more independent. We come into this world alone, we leave this world alone. An old idiom, but true. Spending time alone doing something we enjoy helps us appreciate our own company which can make us feel more confident at being independent.

  4. To improve relationships. When we’re constantly on the go, our relationships with those nearest to us can suffer because we don’t have the time or mental energy to focus on that person. Taking time for ourselves and ensuring we are well cared for can free us up to be able to focus on our relationships with others.

  5. To become more assertive. If we become more independent and self-sufficient (less reliant on others) it helps us find our voice and communicate that to others.

  6. Raises your self-awareness. When we spend time by ourselves, we make all the decisions and do exactly what we want to do. This helps us understand exactly what we really want and of course the added benefit of having this time out is that we have the time to look at our thoughts and feelings.

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