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January 30, 2017

It feels like I see or hear something every day about mindfulness and how we should all be practising it.  There’s a huge body of evidence which suggests that people who practice being mindful feel less stressed, anxious and depressed and I’ve certainly seen the benefit to both myself and for my clients.  That said, I’m wary than it can seem another thing on the to do list and that it’s another thing we can give ourselves a hard time over not doing. I’ve also noticed that for many people the barrier to starting being more mindful is the idea of meditating.  Whilst you don’t have to be spiritual or have any particular beliefs to meditate, the idea of it can sometimes put people off. 

Practicing mindfulness need not be restricted to meditation, there are plenty of ways to be more mindful that are accessible, fun and easy to fit into your routine.  The key is to schedule little bits of time when you can and prioritise yourself.  

Eating mindfully – taking time to fully e...

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What’s self-care and why should I bother?

June 30, 2017

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