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October 17, 2016

Here are some thoughts and behaviours common in people with low self-esteem. It can be useful to identify which ones resonate with you, knowing as much as we can about our low self-esteem is important because once we identify it, we can take steps to improve it.

Avoidance behaviours – Procrastinating, avoiding certain situations or people, quitting tasks part way through.  These sort of behaviours often come from the belief it’s better to have not tried than to have tried and failed.  People that display avoidance behaviours may do this to prevent negative thoughts and feelings about themselves being confirmed by events, situations or people.

Perfectionist behaviours – Trying to please others all the time, working excessively hard at everything you do, trying to be 100% in control all of the time, excessive competitiveness, acting angrily if mistakes are made. People with perfectionist behaviour do so because they believe they will feel better about themselves if they are perfect or...

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What’s self-care and why should I bother?

June 30, 2017

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